Beer Pipe Cleaner - A high alkaline beer pipe cleaner. For use with beer pipe, pump and cellar tank operations. Not for use on aluminium. A colourless clear liquid.

Purple Beer Pipe Cleaner - For use with beer pipe, pump and cellar tank operations. Can be used on aluminium.

A purple coloured liquid.

Machine Glasswash - A high quality machine glass wash liquid exclusively for the cleaning of glasses in an enclosed machine. A colourless clear liquid.

Anti-static & Sanitising Liquid - Ideal for use on all plastic surfaces to prevent the build up of static. May also be used on carpets. A colourless clear liquid.

Ready to use Spectrum General Cleaner - A versatile cleaner for bar tops and most hard surfaces such as walls, floors, laminate and paintwork. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers. A green coloured liquid.


Kitchen Safe Biocidal Hard Surface Cleaner - For use in restaurant food preparation and all food contact areas where a powerful degreasing and sanitising action is required. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers.

A pink coloured liquid.


Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner - Excellent for cleaning windows and mirrors leaving them streak free. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers. A clear blue liquid


Morning Mist Air Freshener - An air freshner and sanitiser with a pleasant fresh perfume.


Elegance Furniture Polish - A cream coloured furniture polish leaving a high shine and a light wax fragrance.


Monopropylene Glycol - Used as a refrigerant in wine coolers etc. Supplied in clear and blue colour.


Machine Dishwash - A general purpose machine dishwash, suitable for use in most hard and soft water areas.

A colourless clear liquid.

Hard Water Dishwash - A high activity liquid for use in hard water areas. Will also provide stain and tannin control.

A colourless clear liquid.

Low Foam Rinse-Aid - A low foam rinse aid formulated to reduce the surface tension of water providing enhanced drying of crockery, cutlery and glasses. A blue coloured clear liquid.

Descaler - A low foaming liquid giving effective descaling in glass washers, dishwashers, bain-marie’s and boilers.

A colourless clear liquid


Thixotropic Oven Cleaner - A thickened liquid to allow greater penetration of burned on food deposits. Ideal for use in ovens or on grills etc. Must be used with adequate ventilation and suitable P.P.E. A thixotropic colourless liquid.

Spray-On Oven Cleaner - A high alkaline cleaner for application via a trigger spray. Excellent results are obtained when used in a slightly warmed oven. Must be used in an adequately ventilated area and suitable P.P.E.

A colourless clear liquid.


Barbeque Cleaner - Carbon deposits, grease and grime are easily removed with a single application. A clear colourless liquid.

Barbeque Cleaner Concentrate - As above but in concentrate form. A clear straw coloured liquid.

Grill Cleaner & Carbon Deposit Remover - Supplied in a convenient trigger spray. Apply to the grill surface and allow to penetrate for a short while. A simple rinse in cold water and a wipe is all that is required to restore barbeque grills.

A clear colourless liquid.


Crystal Clear Glass, Mirror & Window Cleaner - A highly effective cleaner for all glass, mirror and tile surfaces.

This can be used neat or diluted. A fast evaporating liquid with rapid cleaning capabilities that leaves surfaces clean and streak free.

UPVC cleaner - A solvent based UPVC cleaner and restorer for the removal of paints. A colourless clear liquid.