Pine Floor Gel - A gel incorporated with high quality pine oil which significantly enhances the cleaning power as well as leaving a clean and natural residual smell. A flowable light-tan coloured gel.


Lemon Floor Gel - An efficient cleaner formulated using high quality ingredients derived from lemon oils and powerful detergents in an easily dispersed gel. A yellow flowable gel.

Perfumed Catering Cleaner - A non-tainting alkaline cleaner for use in catering establishments. Use on walls, floors, vehicle interiors, canteen and kitchen areas. A straw coloured clear liquid.


Non-Perfumed Catering Cleaner - A non perfumed biocidal cleaner for use in catering areas. A yellow clear liquid.

Floor Maintainer - A pleasantly perfumed buffable floor cleaner and maintainer. Used to replenish and revitalise floors with metallised floor polishes. When used with polishing machines a highly polished low slip surface is produced.

A green coloured clear liquid.


High Foam Carpet Cleaner - Excellent for deep cleaning of the pile, as well as spot cleaning. Upon drying the dry foam can be vacuumed to leave a clean carpet with no sticky residues. A light straw coloured liquid.


Low Foam Carpet Cleaner - Concentrate for use with soil extraction machines that revitalises the pile and look of carpets and rugs. A water white clear liquid.


Perfumed Carpet Cleaner - This is based on the low foam carpet cleaner with added perfume to leave rooms with a fresh aroma after cleaning.

Altro Floor Cleaner - A highly concentrated product especially effective on Altro and similar resinous floors. A straw coloured clear liquid.


Laminate Floor Cleaner - A special formulation for use on laminate floors. Leaves no residues. A clear light blue liquid.

Cement Cleaner - A 10% strength acidic liquid for easy removal of cement residues on floors. A red coloured clear liquid.


Cement & Concrete Remover - A 20% acid content of the above. A straw coloured liquid.


Low Foaming (machine floor scrubber) Cleaner - A highly effective low foaming chemical formulated for use in commercial scrubber drier machines. A clear green liquid.

Steam Mop Additive - A steam additive that is added to the reservoir before use. It contains a water softener and perfume to clean and freshen in one.


18% Metallised Floor Polish - A high quality metallised floor polish giving maximuim durability and a consistently brilliant sheen. An opaque white liquid.


25% Metallised Floor Polish - A higher solids version of the above. An opaque white liquid.


Floor Polish Stripper - An ammoniated cleaner for rapid removal of both metallised and non metallised polishes.

A clear blue coloured liquid.


Non Ammoniated Floor Polish Stripper - A non ammoniated version of the above. A colourless clear liquid.


Stone & Concrete Sealer - Water based concrete and stone floor sealer that dries to a tough and resistant film with excellent binding properties. The product will seal a concrete floor and prevent dusting. An opaque white liquid.