Concentrated Detergent 20% - A highly concentrated lightly perfumed cleaner that is ideal for manual dishwashing.

A viscous green clear liquid.


Washing-up Liquid 10% - A good quality high foaming washing up liquid. Can also be used as a hard surface cleaner. Viscous green clear liquid.



Power Bleach 5% - A ready to use bleach for disinfecting and cleansing of hard surfaces. Clear pale straw coloured liquid.

Bleach Concentrate 12% (nominal) - A concentrated bleach, ideal for industrial sterilisation. Clear pale yellow coloured liquid.

Thickened Bleach 5% - A powerful thickened bleach for heavy duty cleansing. Slightly viscous pale yellow liquid.

Bleach Tablets - Chlorine release tablet to dilute as required for killing bacteria on previously cleaned surfaces.

Use one tablet per one litre to make a 1000ppm solution.



Green Pine Disinfectant - QAP 30 Concentrated general purpose disinfectant. Dark green liquid.

Lemon Disinfectant - QAP 30 Use for general purpose disinfecting and for spray application for odour control.

Bright yellow clear liquid.

QA Disinfectant - QAP 50 Thickened quaternary disinfectant for sterilising. An orange coloured liquid.

Black Reodouriser - A high strength disinfectant that eliminates odours from any area that creates unwanted smells such as boiling tar acids and cresylic creosote. Black liquid.


Thickened Hydrochloric Acid Toilet Cleaner - A hydrochloric acid based thixotropic liquid with excellent de-scaling and cleansing properties. Safe to use on ceramics, resin and plastic sanitary ware. Not suitable for use on stainless steel. Frangranced. A dark green viscous liquid.

Liquid Toilet & Descaler - A pleasantly perfumed hydrochloric acidic liquid toilet cleaner which effectively cleans, disinfects, de-scales and deodourises in one operation. Not suitable for use on stainless steel. A green coloured liquid.


Thickened Phosphoric Acid Toilet Cleaner - A thickened cleaner with a pleasant lilac fragrance. Formulated to remove lime scale, uric acid and other stains. Safe to use on chromes and stainless steel. A dark blue viscous liquid.


Thickened Phosphoric Acid Lemon Fragranced Cleaner - A thickened cleaner with a pleasant lemon fragrance. Formulated to remove lime scale, uric acid and other stains. Safe to use on chromes and stainless steel. A yellow coloured, viscous liquid.


Apple Toilet Cleaner - A viscose toilet cleaner based on natural acids combined with a broad spectrum biocide and pleasant perfume.



Non Formaldehyde Toilet Additive - A specially blended product for Portaloo use with a pleasant strong fragrance to combat odours. A purple liquid.


Non Formaldehyde Toilet Additive New - A new and improved version hich contains more perfume and now incorporates an odour neutraliser. It is also suitable for use as a top tank additive.

Portaloo Additive with Formaldehyde -  A highly fragranced liquid formulated to match the market leader. A dark blue liquid.


Top Tank Additive - This has been specially formulated as a top tank additive with a subtle fragrance. It is suitable for use with bioactive chemical toilet additives.


Laundry Detergent - A highly concentrated liquid formula for hard and soft water areas with a pleasant fragrance for lasting freshness. Use through an automatic dosing machine or hand wash to remove stubborn stains and enhance the appearance of fabric, clothes and housekeeping items.

Peroxide Laundry De-stain - A liquid de-staining additive with bactericidal properties for heavy stained fabrics. Add to sluice wash phase for enhanced cleaning results. Designed to penetrate and break down stains allowing laundry detergent to remove the stain from the fabric more effectively during the main washing cycle. For use in conjuction with laundry detergent in automatic washing machines.

Fabric Conditioner - A fabric conditioner with an added fibre protector. For use in automatic washing machines to provide comfort and softness to fabrics. An opaque blue liquid which contains a high active blend of fabric conditioners and pleasant fragrance in an aqueous base. For use in conjunction with a laundry detergent in automatic washing machines to enhance the appearance, texture and fragrance.



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