Hard Surface Cleaner - A versatile multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean most hard surfaces including floors, walls, paintwork, plastics, laminates, stainless steel, ceramics and glass. Yellow fluorescent clear liquid.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner - A good all round multi surface cleaner formulated to optimise soil suspension. Can be used for stripping wax floors. A light blue clear liquid.


Powerful Cleaner Degreaser - A powerful high alkaline cleaner, used as a safe replacement for harsh solvents to degrease machine parts. This cleaner is often the preferred choice in kitchens, abattoirs and garages. A green coloured clear liquid.

Super Concentrate Cleaner - A highly concentrated, caustic free cleaner. This can clean a number of surfaces including heavily trafficked Altro floors.

Cream Cleaner - For hard surfaces with polishing and specially formulated additives to lift grime and dirt leaving surfaces really clean. Highly effective at removing stains and an ideal choice for use on stainless steel, ceramics, paintwork, chrome and enamel. White viscous cream.


All Purpose Biocidal Cleaner - With no added perfume. This product is bactericidal to both gram posititve and negative organisms making it ideal for food preparation areas. This product has been tested to and passed the EN13697 accreditation.

Bactericidal Hard Surface Cleaner - The above cleaner with added perfume. An ideal choice for use in nursing homes and vetenary surgeries. A yellow coloured clear liquid.

Bactericidal Washroom Cleaner & Maintainer - This perfumed cleaner is an ideal product for use in showers, washrooms and poolside areas. A green coloured clear liquid.


Cleaner & Sanitiser - A powerful cleaner and sanitiser independently tested to EN13697 and EN13727 (against MRSA). Ideal for use in nursing homes, surgeries etc. A clear yellow liquid.


Solvent Ultrasonic Cleaner - A solvent ultrasonic cleaner for use in either dip tanks or ultrasonic baths.

Solvent Rinse Cleaner - A solvent cleaner for use on many surfaces including ceramic, steel, some fabrics, stone etc.


Ammoniated Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaner - An ammoniated aqueous cleaner for use in either dip tanks or ultrasonic baths.


Ban Rouge - Will remove both fresh and dried red wine stains. Safe for use on most surfaces. A clear colourless strong smelling liquid.


Chewing Gum Remover - An effective way to remove gum from all surfaces without the need to resort to freezer sprays which can damage surfaces and carpet pile. Simply apply, agitate & wipe off.

Label & Glue Remover - A blend of powerful solvents specially selected to break down and remove label adhesives.


Citrus Degreaser - An exceptionally powerful water based degreaser. Highly dilutable for removal of grease, grime and oils from vehicle components. It can be diluted to use in a parts washer. A straw coloured liquid.

Solvent Degreaser Concentrate - An ideal product for degreasing engines, machinery, chassis, compressors, tanks, farm machinery, concrete floors etc. It can be diluted many times with paraffin for added economy. A slightly straw coloured clear liquid with low aromatic solvent odour.


Solvent Degreaser & Tar Removing Concentrate - A solvent degreaser giving excellent results when cleaning engines, machinery, chassis, compressors, tanks, farm machinery, concrete floors etc. It can be used to remove tar from equipment. A colourless clear liquid.


Odourless Degreaser - An odourless solvent based degreaser. A colourless clear liquid.


Degreaser, Descaler Concentrate - A versatile acid based de-scaler and degreaser, ideal for use in all areas including shower areas, urinals, concrete floors etc. It can also be used to clean alloy wheels and even as a rust remover.

A clear pink lightly perfumed liquid.


Powerful Solvent Cleaner - Containing aliphatic hydro carbons and citrus oil extract. Removes tar, grease, oil etc.